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Wagyumafia x Calia x Ushidoki Special Event - SOLD OUT

Experience a one of a kind exclusive gastronomic event in August when Calia brings down world-famous Wagyumafia and Ushidoki Singapore to its stores at Emporium and Chadstone Shopping Centre, a rare treat typically reserved for WAGYUMAFIA’s members-only restaurants in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

For 2 evenings, join us for a once in a lifetime 5-course dinner experience featuring Wagyumafia's signature dishes from the world's most expensive wagyu beef - Ozaki A5 Japanese Wagyu. Immaculately marbled, melt-in-your-mouth Ozaki Beef, sourced exclusively from elite Wagyu farmer Mr. Muneharu Ozaki in Miyazaki Prefecture, will be air-flown into Australia especially for this event. 

Hisato Hamada from Wagyumafia and Hirohashi Nobuaki from Ushidoki Wagyu Kaiseki in Singapore will personally prepare, cook and entertain guests during this interactive event.

Please note seats are limited to 40 guests per session.

Tickets now on sale via Eventbrite

Event Sessions

Sunday August 11th 7pm - Calia Emporium: [Sold Out]

Tuesday August 13th 7pm - Calia Chadstone: [Sold Out]